Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
ders::auto_mutexHelper class for exception-safe mutex locking
ders::barrierRepresents implementation independent thread barrier
ders::barrier_listenerInterface for classes that listen for on_release() barrier events
ders::buf_cacheKeeps large buffers of requested size which are too expensive to allocate on demand
ders::buf_readerProvides buffered read functions for classes that implement readable interface
ders::buf_writerProvides buffered write functions for classes that implement writable interface
ders::ch_rngRepresents character range
ders::cond_varInterface that defines implementation independent condition variable
ders::cycl_bufCyclic buffer
ders::data_inInterface for classes that can be read from
ders::data_ioInterface for classes that support I/O operations defined by both data_in and data_out interfaces
ders::data_outInterface for classes that can be written to
ders::data_queueInterface that defines interruptible data queue
ders::destroyableInterface for destroyable classes
ders::dirInterface that defines directory to find files in
ders::dir::entryFound directory entry
ders::ErrorExceptionException class with embed errorCode
ders::ExceptionBase exception class with embed location, message and nested exception
ders::ExitMsgExceptionMsgException class with embed exitCode used to exit application with
ders::ExternExceptionAbstract exception class for external exceptions with embed typeName
ders::fdProvides low level file I/O operations that don't depend on underlining implementation
ders::fileProvides file I/O operations
ders::FileErrorExceptionErrorException class with embed fileName
ders::FileLineEncapsulates file name and line number information
ders::hash_vec< Key, Val, KeyHash, KeyEql >Associative hash container
ders::key_eql< Key >Equal functor for hash_vec
ders::key_hash< Key >Hash functor for hash_vec
ders::ders::key_hash< char >
ders::ders::key_hash< int >
ders::ders::key_hash< long >
ders::ders::key_hash< sh_text >
ders::ders::key_hash< short >
ders::ders::key_hash< signed char >
ders::ders::key_hash< T * >
ders::ders::key_hash< unsigned char >
ders::ders::key_hash< unsigned int >
ders::ders::key_hash< unsigned long >
ders::ders::key_hash< unsigned short >
ders::mem_bufHelper class for buf_cache to ensure exception safety
ders::mem_poolNon-synchronized memory pool to be used as thread-private object
ders::mp_newbuf< T >Helper class for exception-safe memory allocation
ders::MsgExceptionAbstract exception class for message exceptions that must pass exception handlers untouched
ders::mutexInterface that defines implementation independent mutex
ders::object_ioInterface that is used by data_queue for object I/O
ders::path_elmtPath element for path processing functions
ders::readableInterface for readable classes
ders::sh_ptr< T >Shared smart pointer that uses destroy() function to destruct passed objects
ders::StdExternExceptionExternException class for std::exception
ders::stl_allocator< T >STL-compatible allocator that uses mem_pool object for memory management
ders::stl_allocator< T >::rebind< U >Typedef template required by STL
ders::taskInterface for classes that can be executed by thread_pool
ders::task_opersInterface that defines available task operations
ders::textRepresents text or string as sequence of arbitrary characters
ders::text_bufHelper class for text concatenation and built-in types conversion
ders::threadInterface that defines implementation independent thread
ders::thread_poolInterface that defines thread pool
ders::UnknExternExceptionExternException class for unknown exception
ders::wldcrd_mtchrRepresents implementation independent file name wildcard matcher
ders::writableInterface for writable classes

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