ders::file Member List

This is the complete list of members for ders::file, including all inherited members.

app enum valueders::file
attach(int fd)ders::file
crt enum valueders::file
cur enum valueders::file
destroy(mem_pool &mp2)ders::file [inline, virtual]
destroy_this(T *ptr, mem_pool &mp2)ders::destroyable [inline, protected, static]
end enum valueders::file
ex_attach(int fd)ders::file
ex_is_ok() const ders::file
ex_open(const ch_rng &path, mode md, int fls)ders::file
ex_read(void *buf, int n)ders::file
ex_read(sh_text &buf, int n)ders::file
ex_seek(int off, whence wh)ders::file
ex_write(const void *buf, int n)ders::file
ex_write(const ch_rng &r)ders::file [inline]
excl enum valueders::file
file(mem_pool &m)ders::file
file(mem_pool &m, const ch_rng &path, mode md, int fls)ders::file
file(mem_pool &m, int fd)ders::file
flags enum nameders::file
get_err() const ders::file [inline]
get_fd() const ders::file [inline]
get_name() const ders::file [inline]
is_ok() const ders::file [inline]
is_opened() const ders::file [inline]
is_owned() const ders::file [inline]
mode enum nameders::file
open(const ch_rng &path, mode md, int fls)ders::file
operator delete(void *ptr, size_t size)ders::destroyable [inline, protected]
pool() const ders::file [inline]
rdo enum valueders::file
rdwr enum valueders::file
read(void *buf, int n)ders::file [virtual]
read(sh_text &buf, int n)ders::file
seek(int off, whence wh)ders::file
set enum valueders::file
tell()ders::file [inline]
trnc enum valueders::file
whence enum nameders::file
write(const void *buf, int n)ders::file [virtual]
write(const ch_rng &r)ders::file [inline]
wro enum valueders::file
~destroyable()ders::destroyable [inline, virtual]

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