ders Directory Reference


file  buf_cache.hpp [code]
 Defines classes mem_buf , buf_cache .
file  buf_rdwr.hpp [code]
 Defines interfaces readable , writable and classes buf_reader , buf_writer .
file  config.hpp [code]
 Internal configuration file: the first file included by every header in the library.
file  cycl_buf.hpp [code]
 Defines class cycl_buf .
file  data_io.hpp [code]
 Defines interfaces data_in , data_out , data_io and function new_data_io().
file  data_queue.hpp [code]
 Defines interfaces object_io , data_queue and overloaded functions new_data_queue().
file  destroy.hpp [code]
 Defines interface destroyable and function destroy() .
file  dir.hpp [code]
 Defines interface dir and function new_dir() and set of functions for directory handling.
file  error.hpp [code]
 Defines enum error and functions error_message(), convert_errno() and exception class ErrorException .
file  exception.hpp [code]
 Defines struct FileLine and macro _FLINE_ and functions toTextAll(), recatchException() and exception classes Exception , MsgException , ExitMsgException , ExternException , StdExternException , UnknExternException .
file  file.hpp [code]
 Defines classes file , fd and exception class FileErrorException and set of functions for file handling.
file  hard_asrt.hpp [code]
 Defines macro hard_assert().
file  hash_vec.hpp [code]
 Defines class hash_vec and structures key_hash , key_eql .
file  mem.hpp [code]
 Defines set of functions for memory searching.
file  mem_pool.hpp [code]
 Defines classes mem_pool , mp_newbuf .
file  path.hpp [code]
 Defines struct path_elmt and character pathSepr and set of functions for path processing.
file  sh_ptr.hpp [code]
 Defines class sh_ptr .
file  stl_alloc.hpp [code]
 Defines class stl_allocator .
file  task.hpp [code]
 Defines interfaces task_opers , task .
file  text.hpp [code]
 Defines struct ch_rng and class text and set of functions for ch_rng comparison.
file  text_buf.hpp [code]
 Defines class text_buf .
file  thread.hpp [code]
 Defines interfaces thread , mutex , cond_var , barrier_listener and classes auto_mutex , barrier and functions new_thread(), new_mutex(), new_long_mutex(), new_cond_var(), new_barrier().
file  thread_pool.hpp [code]
 Defines interface thread_pool and overloaded functions new_thread_pool().
file  wldcrd_mtchr.hpp [code]
 Defines class wldcrd_mtchr .

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